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Do I have to drink water every day?

Yes, Water is extremely important Alkalizing your body with mineral waterLet's first start with what energizes your body, and we mean what creates natural, sustainable energy within your body. Healthy Blood Cells! Healthy blood cells are kept separated by negative charges on the outside of them. Acids reduce this net negative charge and facilitate an unhealthy rouleaux formation. This abnormality also occurs when increased amounts of plasma proteins coat the surface of them, causing the cells to stack together in rows. The result is less oxygen in your blood, less current flowing in your body, and that slow, tired and lethargic feeling. When you "Feel" tired - and it's not bedtime, it is typically the result of this...

How many times to I have to eat a day?

Eating regular meals stabilizes the glucose levels in the body. If are a very active Athlete it will be wise to eat 5-6 small meals a day. We are not all very active and therefore we need to be careful what and how much we eat. The best is to have a balanced eating plan with 30% acidifying foods and 70% alkalizing foods. Meat is acidifying and veggies and some fruits are alkalizing.

Can I make an appointment for a personal mealplan?

Yes, Healer Omar Botha will be able to look at your metabolic type and will be able to advice and weight loss, weight gain and better nutrition. Balance is life is the big secret

Is it good to drink wine when you are pregnant?

Organic red grapes have loads of anti-oxidants that help fight inflammation and other harmful bacteria. Wine make from Organic grapes are very good for mothers that are pregnant and keeps one also relaxed. Stress is one of the big killers in life, and a relaxed mom and a general healthy relaxed baby. The organic wine will also assist in helping the body detox from various toxins in the air, clothing, perfumes etc. As healer I suggest that one can drink wine in moderation when pregnant...

What happens when one eats to much acidifying foods?

All organic food and herbs are healthy for us. Even acidifying foods are very good and are needed for a balanced diet. If you do not have a balanced diet one will deprive oneself of various nutrients, minerals and vitamins . Fat also plays a very important part in the diet. It contain the vital vat soluble vitamins we need on a daily basis. Too much acidifying foods will cause inflammation in the joints, like gout, arthritis and it will also spike the cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is the only deffence the body has against acidity

Do you offer Refunds?

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